Black Pallet Wrap / Stretch Wrap 14" X 75 G X 1500ft - 4/CS

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The Black Pallet Wrap in the size of 14"x75x1500 is a reliable and versatile packaging material used for securing and protecting palletized goods during storage and transportation. This pallet wrap is specifically sized at 14 inches in width, 75 gauge in thickness, and comes in a 1500-foot length. The black color provides added opacity, making it suitable for concealing and protecting the contents of the pallet.


  • Secure Palletization: The Black Pallet Wrap ensures a secure and tight wrap around palletized goods, keeping them stable and preventing shifting or damage during handling and transit.
  • Opaque and Concealing: The black color of the pallet wrap provides opacity, concealing the contents of the pallet and protecting them from UV light, dust, and prying eyes.
  • High Clarity and Strength: Despite its opaque appearance, the pallet wrap maintains high clarity and strength, allowing for visual inspection of the palletized goods and ensuring their integrity during transportation.
  • Easy Application: This pallet wrap is designed for easy and efficient application. It can be applied manually or with the help of a pallet wrap dispenser, ensuring a tight and uniform wrap around the pallet.
  • Versatile Usage: The Black Pallet Wrap is suitable for various industries and applications, including logistics, warehousing, retail, and more, where a black opaque wrap is desired for added protection and concealment.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: This pallet wrap offers a cost-effective solution for palletization needs, providing reliable protection at an affordable price.


  • Size: 14 inches (width) x 75 gauge (thickness) x 1500 feet (length)
  • Color: Black
  • Material: High-quality polyethylene or similar material
  • Compatibility: Compatible with standard pallet sizes and shapes
  • Application: Ideal for securing, protecting, and concealing palletized goods during storage and transportation

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Excellent material and super fast delivery

Purchased this item, because we were moving to a new place . Never believed that the roll and the material is so much sturdy . We also got delivery within 2 days .