10" Oval Bagasse Plates 500/CS

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Upgrade your tableware to eco-friendly options with the Eco-Craze 10-inch Oval Plate. Made from bagasse, a natural byproduct of sugarcane fiber, this plate is a sustainable choice for your dining needs. The 10-inch oval shape offers a unique and elegant presentation for your favorite dishes. Whether you're serving appetizers, main courses, or desserts, this plate provides a sturdy and reliable surface to hold your food. It is suitable for both hot and cold items and can withstand microwave use for convenient reheating. The Eco-Craze 10-inch Oval Plate is an environmentally conscious option that combines style, functionality, and sustainability.


  • Eco-Friendly Material: Crafted from bagasse, a natural byproduct of sugarcane fiber.
  • Sustainable Choice: Reduces dependence on plastic or foam plates.
  • 10-inch Oval Shape: Offers a unique and elegant presentation for various dishes.
  • Sturdy and Reliable: Provides a strong surface to hold food securely.
  • Suitable for Hot and Cold Items: Versatile for serving a range of temperatures.
  • Microwave-Safe: Allows for convenient reheating of leftovers.
  • Disposable and Biodegradable: Breaks down naturally over time, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Food-Safe: Manufactured with food-grade materials.
  • Quantity: (Specify the quantity per package or case).


  • Brand: Eco-Craze
  • Type: Oval Plate
  • Size: 10-inch
  • Material: Bagasse (sugarcane fiber)
  • Microwave-Safe: Yes
  • Disposable: Yes
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • Food-Safe: Yes
  • Quantity: (Specify the quantity per package or case)

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